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Fun activities

Fun ACTIVITIES covering all sorts of Travel + Tourism topics.
Get started with BINGO …

More to follow soon including maps

Online QUIZZES galore covering many Travel + Tourism topics.

Test yourself, test your knowledge
Solve the PUZZLES in the fastest time and/or the least moves.
A perfect challenge for family and friends or why not challenge the class?
There are differing levels of difficulty. Try the easier 3 x 3 puzzle with numbers and progress to the 6x6 without numbers.


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Welcome to Travel + Tourism BINGO

It's a great fun game - ideal as a lesson starter.

Each BINGO game has a set of 10 BINGO cards showing the same answers but in a different order: 1 to 25

Give a clue about an each picture/logo.
For example: The attraction in Rome (Colosseum) - Ancient monument in Southern England (Stonehenge) etc.

Students cover the answer using counters (pieces of cut up card work well) to cover each square.
Winner is the first to get a line of correct answers - horizontal/vertical/diagonal.

1. Mix

1a. Mix

2. UK Visitor Attractions

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Possible questions

. Location (Region - Country - City)
. Type of attraction
. Example of the attraction (Safari park)
. Target market +
. Clue about the attraction (Magical attraction)

3. Global Destinations

4. Airlines

5. UK Natural Attractions

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Possible questions

. Location (Region - Country - City)
. Type of airline (national, scheduled, charter, budget etc)
. Clue about the airline (owner)

. Location (Region - County)
. Highlight of the natural attraction

. Types of accommodation
self catering - independent - chain - nature - family - business -

6. Accommodation

7. Definitions: Visitor attractions

8. Definitons: Global destinations

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9. Global Destinations

10. UK Destinations

11. Country Flags

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Possible questions

. Give a clue about the attraction or destination

. Give the explanation or an example

. Give a destination//attraction or city in the country

Travel + Tourism Catchphrases (Dingbats)

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